New RockOptika Collection

New RockOptika Collection

New RockOptika Collection

I’m putting together a playlist with a friend on Spotify; we’re off to Somerset for a Stag do in a fortnight, so typically we’re compiling some brotherhood bonding beats to ease the congestion of the M4. There are only six songs on it so far and already we’ve got Elvis, The Stones and Ice T on there. We feel like we’re subversive and different, that we have a deeper knowledge of the sonosphere than those other poor audibly challenged sods on Main Street.

The unavoidable reality is that we’ve steamrolled straight into the dead centre of playlist cliché Ville. We find the slightly leftfield ‘5th’ most popular track by legendary failsafe artists and proclaim it as our treasure – ‘Mate, you’ve got to hear this one! Bet you never knew he did that genre did you?’ But damn these are great pieces of music.

 I think this acts as a great metaphor for those of us cursed with choosing design as our game. The idea that we have to provide the consumer with a usable, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing product without plagiarism or obvious repeat is on that fills me with dread. Every new collection needs to have an identity, a fit, a feel, a style, and a pastiche. Where then can we draw inspiration? I mean fresh inspiration.

 Well we subconsciously collate inspiration from all around us. If I lived in the Metropolis I can guarantee you that our luxury glasses would have a very different attitude to the collections we’ve created over the last few years. You see I live in the sticks and work on the coast. Life is slow, people are nostalgic – they are simple and classic, they like something to last – both physically and chronologically. I am no different and although I like to think I am maverick and unique in my creativity, I again hurtle to the very heart of clichés when it comes to inspiration for our eyewear. The reason though is simple; a cliché is a cliché because it works. It is a popularist agreement.

 Our 2017 collection revises 12 of our all time best selling shapes from the last 5 years, uses the same handmade manufacturing techniques the French glasses makers have used for a century and have put together seven luxurious colour ways inspired by…wait for it…nature. Bluuuueeegh!!!


Yes you heard me right, I have hiked my legs off, photographed my exquisite natural doorstep – East Sussex and translated all that I loved into the palette for our most complete, contemporary and classic collection to date.

We’re not alone, especially in the fashion world. The idea that we fit into our environment is one that makes us comfortable. It is not coincidental that the high heel mirroring the deco skyscrapers of Manhattan is such a rarity amongst the earthy waxed jackets and ridged wellies of a crowded Sunday lunch at the Chequers. To be camouflaged in our terroir is to be secure, and as much as we care to be different, we cannot deny the strength of our chameleon tendencies.

The new RockOptika luxury eyewear collection will be available from all good independent opticians around the planet from Mid December, before we release the products here’s a glance at some of the colour palettes you can expect. All courtesy of a 15-mile hike around Bewl Water in Kent. England.

I have just added the theme from “The Warriors” by Barry DeVorzon to desperately avoid being predictable on the playlist ‘styles Herrington

Styles, Herrington and Wells playlist HERE 




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